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What services do you provide?

My services range from consultations to turnkey projects. I can provide fully detailed installation drawings, 3D renderings, specify and order materials and project management. I work with several suppliers, contractors, architects and structural engineers to provide you with full project coordination.

Why do I need a kitchen & bath designer?

Kitchen and bath designing is much more complicated than it appears to be. Although there are only six major decisions in a kitchen (appliances, cabinets, counters, hardware, tile & plumbing), the layout of the kitchen and cabinetry function is the most essential part of the project. In addition, homeowners today have a mind-boggling array of choices of materials, colors and manufacturers which is almost impossible to navigate and select without a professional guide with the access to, and experience with, all those elements. It is critical that all things are taken into account to create the most efficient use of the space while making it beautiful.

Like a kitchen, a bathroom renovation presents a homeowner with an overwhelming array of choices, but a bathroom requires over 40 decisions to be made. It’s not just choosing a vanity, tub, tile & toilet. There is a myriad of technical elements that are overwhelming without professional guidance.

What do I need for my initial consultation?

It is best that you have some basic measurements and photos of the space you’re inquiring about. It is also very helpful if you’ve done some research on a design website such as to get an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve.

What does it cost for your services?

It obviously depends on what you need done. If it’s just consulting or drawings, it is generally on an hourly basis. For projects that involve the purchase of materials, you will get materials at the designer’s cost and pay a percentage above that cost…saving you money on doing it yourself.

What to consider

So, you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath and don’t know where to start.

There are three main factors to consider:

1: DesignWhat do you want the space to look/feel like?

There are several things that influence your design: house/apartment layout, family size, lifestyle and room size. My job is to help you maximize the full utility of your space and make it as functional, beautiful and comfortable as possible.

2: TimingWhen do you want to do the project?

You have to consider when to begin your project and how long it will take to execute. A typical kitchen will take approximately 4-6 weeks and a bathroom will take approximately 3-5 weeks. There is always the possibility of unforeseen site conditions so you should always allow for this in your timing and budget.

3: BudgetHow much are you able to spend on the project?

This will vary depending on what your selections and the size of the project.

You have determined what you want, when to start and how much you want to spend. Now what?

We begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, lifestyle and goals. If we agree to work together, an engagement letter will be signed and a retainer given to start the design process. A site visit is then scheduled to assess field conditions, accessibility and to take measurements and photos. At least 1-2 meetings will be necessary to discuss layout and select materials. Initial drawings and pricing details will then be drafted. One or more contractor bids are then obtained to determine full job costs and then a complete job proposal is presented for review. Once the proposal is signed off on, a deposit of 50% for all materials is required for ordering. Materials are then delivered to the jobsite and then the installation begins.  JD Home Design will oversee the project from concept to completion.